LED strip and linear lighting factory video tour

Professional led strip and linear lighting factory since 2008, factory area 20,000 square meters. ISO9001:2008 and BSCI certified.

Main product :

LED flex strips
LED linear lighting
LED profile & Cabinet LED lights
LED controller & power supply

LED strip UL Certificate Number : 20180517-E497228

First floor, automatic glue machine for led strip

led strip factory IP68 glue

Third floor, led strip SMT Machine room, reflow soldering machine room, silicone tube machine, led strip aging test room

Fourth floor, office area, warehouse, linear lighting production department and aging test room.

led strip factory aging test
led strip factory package
led strip factory smt machine
led strip reflow soldering machine
linear light factory
linear lighting factory
linear lighting factory

Shenzhen CL Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tel: + 86-180 9894 0656

E-mail: CL@banqcn.com

Contact: Mrs. Lan

floor 3 to 5, #1 build, 3rd industry zone, shiyan, Shenzhen, GD, China. 518108

Website: https://www.cl-light.com https://banqcn.en.alibaba.com/

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