Why is the led line light applied to places such as buildings and cultural landscapes?

Led line lights are used in some buildings and cultural landscapes to facilitate people who travel at night. The installation of led line lights on historic buildings solves the problem that people can’t view at night, and can play a decorative role. After using led line lights, the effect of viewing scenes may be more than that during the day. Shocking, therefore, led line lights are also loved by people.

led lights lines because of its many features been widely used in some places which, in addition to the applications described above, led line lights are also people with a number of applications on billboard lighting. Multicolored colors bring a different experience to the city. Of course, due to the strong performance of led line lights, people do not need to judge what brand of led line lights can be purchased with confidence.

In practical applications, if the requirements are not particularly strict, led line lights and led wall washers can be used interchangeably, especially in terms of waterproofing, especially suitable for outdoor lighting engineering applications. Most of the led line lamps are high-power products. And led line lights are mostly low power.

1. The outer shell of the lamp is made of aluminum alloy, with clear lines, simple structure, beautiful appearance, firmness, corrosion resistance and convenient installation. The surface of the lamp is electrostatically sprayed and treated with high temperature and weather resistance.

2. The reflector adopts imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure high output of light energy.3MM thick high-strength tempered glass with high light transmittance and impact resistance. Built-in guaranteed protection rating up to IP65 .Technical parameter table Model: Color range: red, yellow, blue, green, white and color Beam angle: 15°-60° Light irradiation distance: 20 meters Control system: controller or wall washer simple controller shell material aluminum alloy connection Mode standard signal power cable connector 3- pin signal connector.


( 1 ) Bottom outlet: The led line lights at the bottom outlet are divided into two types: the hidden line and the non-hidable line.

At the bottom of the line, the LED outdoor waterproof line lamp can hide the docking plug at the bottom of the lamp body. We call the appearance of the LED outdoor waterproof line lamp of the Tibetan line : “H -line lamp ” .In addition to the good effect of the Tibetan line, its obvious advantage is to achieve seamless docking. There is no gap between the lamp and the lamp, the lighting effect is consistent, and there is no breakpoint defect.

The bottom line can not be hidden line led light, generally U- shaped buckle installation, and H -type storage line structure, it is more convenient to install, also seamless butt joint, direct joint, plug and play.


( 2 ) Plug outlet line ( bilateral outlet ) : The plug outlet line is undoubtedly the outlet line of the LED line lamp manufacturers at both ends. The LED outdoor waterproof line lamp with the plug outlet is different from the bottom line and the side outlet line. There will be a gap of about 1CM between the lamp and the lamp . In the practical application of the lighting project, the spacing of 1CM will not have much influence on the overall lighting effect, because the beam is scattered and can fill the missing part by itself. Share.

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