Application of LED profile and the trend

Application of LED profile and the trend

Writen by: Lauris Wu

Key words: led profile, led linear light, led linear profile, aluminum profile, intelligent lighting

What’s LED profile?

Simply speaking, the led profiles are made of 3 parts include extrusion aluminum, light source of led strip and optical system. It appears along with the development of the modern architecture and demands are growing dramatically in recent years when people realize their needs of a comfortable living and working atmosphere to help relax and increase productivity. Thanks to the extrusion technology, we can make various aluminum structure to meet different demands and it make us no limit to design the light as per the demands.


Where does it use for and when should we use the led profile?

The led profile are widely used for architecture lighting in deep surface, shallow recessed, deep recessed, tube surface, thin surface, and corner areas, combining the extrusion aluminum, PCB strip and optical system that simply use PC or acrylic cover, you can create a more finished look compared to the bareboard PCB which is ideal if the product is installed in a location where it will be clearly visible. They are ideal addition in both commercial and residential area like restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, lobbies, gallery & museum, office, living room, bars, and clubs etc.


What’s the difference between LED profiles and LED linear or LED linear light or LED linear profile and aluminum profile etc. Basically there is no difference, they are interchangeable. From the definition aspect, the LED linear or LED linear light is subdivide from the LED profiles or aluminum profiles. In recent years, many lighting designer have intend to take the led linear light to be a linear light luminaire with recessed, suspending and surface mount solutions to meet higher illumination requirements in different applications.

What’s the trend of LED profile?

Energy saving is an eternal topic of a lighting product. Designer will always to find solutions to decrease the energy consumption of a light. And as part of the lighting system, the LED profiles will be embedded as one of the factors of an intelligent home system which compatible with the state of the art control technology like 2.4G, WIFI, bluetooth mesh, DALI, KNX, ZIGBEE etc. Control the lights by only one smart controller will help things simple.

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