9 tips for LED packing and the diagram for solder-reflow temperature

[A] Led bracket forming method
(1) The pin of led can be bent where is at least 2mm out of led colloid
(2) Must use fixture to deform the led bracket.
(3) Finishing the forming of led bracket must be before soldering.
(4) Guarantee the gap between two pin of led tallys with LED pads in PCB when forming.

[B]Manual soldering
The welding must from colloidal position above 2 mm.
Reliability welding temperature below

[C]ESD countermeasure
Static electricity and higt volt can damage led,The production whose Die material is InGaN must strictly required to prevend ESD,Must put on static glove and static fillet,Soldering tool and the cover of device must connect the ground,Soldering condition follows the related staing of production specification manual.

[D] Protecting countermeasure when over current
Need add the protecting resistor in circuit in order to avoid damaging led due to big current and voltage fluctuation。

[E]LED installation method
(1) Pay attention to the led polarity and avoid installation wrong,Led can’t be close to euthermic component,work condition should tally wish it’s specification.
(2) Don’t install the LED under the condition of the led pin deformation.
(3) The led bracket don’t load any pressurs when installing the led into PCB or fitting hole
(4) Must avoid any strike and force on led before the soldering temperature return to room temperature.

[F] Led can be stored for a year under the condition :the temperature of 5℃~35℃ and humidity of RH60%, These production must be re-inspected and tested before use if their storage time exceed a year.

[G] About Cleaning
Be careful of some chemical results in the led colloid fades and damage when using chemical clean the led,such as chloroethulene,aceone etc。can use ethanol to wash or soak led but the time don’t exceed 3 minutes.

[H] About Kinked
The kinked tooling scrape easily the pin of led,where the led bracket is rusting easily,especial expose it in moist air.To decrease the led bracket rust,advise using plated tin led bracket.

[I] For the LED sorted light,please sort the different package to use and can’t mix them in case of bright dark light and color error.

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