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Adding Special Sensing Cabinet light into your Kitchen?

Adding Special Sensing Cabinet light into your Kitchen?

Sometimes life is regular and boring, so it’s time to add something new to decorate your life, such as the kitchen decorations, where cabinet lighting is widely accepted, now some popular cabinet light is recommended:



Cabinet light: Compared with the button/Touch Panel/PIR Sensor controlled cabinet light, the hand sweeping cabinet just use the most advanced IR sensing technology, so it is highly sensitive to the hand, no noise included and quick reactions. At the same time, it does not have any radiation and has consumes lower power, which is green and environmental friendly.

For our cabinet lighting, we have 2 types for you to choose from.

1. one is hand sweeping sensing, and, you wave the hand with 10cm from the sensing ends, it is on, then wave, it is off, very easy to control:


2. The other is Touch sensing, slightly touch the trip bar, it is on, then touch it again, it is off, also very convenient for you to choose from.


Our cabinet adopts the latest IR technology, and include the IR sensor into our current cabinets. You do not need to worry you choose the wrong clothes in the cabinet and cut your fingers when cooking.


Introductions about several cabinet lighting.

1. Internal Suspended Cabinet lighting

It is mainly for area lighting inside the cabinet. Normally, the kitchen lights are installed on the Kitchen ceiling, the light illuminate from the above to the bottom, then there will be insufficient lumen lux because of the obstacle–Cabinets. Then the cabinet lighting can be a great complement in the basic lighting in your life, and the advanced IR sensor looks more smart at home.


2 Under Suspended Cabinet lighting

The light under the cabinet is used to illuminate the countertop and Kitchen Sink, to make sure the countertop and kitchen sink enough light to cook, and some can be also used for decoration. Different light designs helps to create relaxing environment and relief the owner’s pressure.


3 .Cabinet partition lighting

This types of lighting are mainly used to decorate the isolated space , adding some lifestyle into regular life.


4 Drawer lighting

IR sensor switches are normally added into Drawer Lighting, when you open the drawer, it light will be on, also a complement for the cabinet lighting.


Installations Tips:

Before the installations, you must tell the designers to leave space in the cabinets for lights, then they will consider where to place the lights. And Usually there are some gaps or holes behind the back of the cabinets, then you will not see any wires outside, which looks more beautiful!

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