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Elegant Pipeline office lighting solution – CQ80 LED linear light

We need an elegant lighting solution for the office, not only bright, but an eye-comfortable, simple looks and bring kind atmosphere – some of the office ladies shared us their thoughts. We take it into the considerations of designing a new office lighting solutions – CQ80 Pipeline LED linear light – designed for office illumination. […]

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Something about Track Lighting

Track lighting is one of the most commonly used and misunderstood of the lighting system types. It is a powerful tool for a lighting designer but can also be rather confusing without an understanding of some basic track lighting principles. Because track lighting is very directional, track systems perform best as accent lights or task […]

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50Meters MAX linkable dimmable pendant linear light [cost saving]

Brief introduction Length: 1000/1200/1500mm Wattage: 30W/40W/50W Track free, easy installation & maintenance Support 0-10V & DALI Dimming System Lumen : 130lm/w Max link-length : 50m CCT : 3000K, 4000K,6000K CRI > 80 Beam angle: Symmetrical light:30°/ 60°/ 90° Polarized light: 20°/ 30° Input Voltage : AC 220-240V Color option : White, black Advantages Track free, […]

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50 Meters Linkable Linear Light

1.Linkable Linear Light, seamless connection; 2.Length 1m/1.2m/1.5m available; 3.AC 220-240V, 30W/40W/50W available; 4.130 lm/w efficiency; 5.Lens degree 20°/30°/60°/90° 6.CRI 80/90 available Best regards, Vincent Yan Shen Zhen CL Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd (banqcn Sub-company) ADD.: Bldg B, 3rd Ind. zone, Shiyan, Bao’an Shenzhen China 518100 M: +86-137 1479 2070 E: sales72@banqcn.comW: www.cl-light.com  /  www.banqcn.com

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Latest seamless jointed linear lighting solution – C70 LED linear light

A continual line lighting solution to nowadays commercial & industrial true line lighting for long distance. When you go to a shopping mall, supermarket, super store, a big warehouse or a big office even a long corridor, you find many lighting solutions for these places, include the surface mount ceiling lamp, T5/T8 tubes and old […]

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LED linear trunking system in CL Lighting is a very energy-saving, environmentally friendly lighting system

LED linear trunking system in CL Lighting is a very energy-saving, environmentally friendly lighting system, which is widely applied in various industrial area and commercial l area. Compliant with European standards, it’s the best solution to replace the traditional T5 & T8 tube with high lumen output. Because of its unique design, it could be […]

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Adding Special Sensing Cabinet light into your Kitchen?

Adding Special Sensing Cabinet light into your Kitchen? Sometimes life is regular and boring, so it’s time to add something new to decorate your life, such as the kitchen decorations, where cabinet lighting is widely accepted, now some popular cabinet light is recommended:   Cabinet light: Compared with the button/Touch Panel/PIR Sensor controlled cabinet light, […]

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Why is the led line light applied to places such as buildings and cultural landscapes?

Led line lights are used in some buildings and cultural landscapes to facilitate people who travel at night. The installation of led line lights on historic buildings solves the problem that people can’t view at night, and can play a decorative role. After using led line lights, the effect of viewing scenes may be more […]