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Latest seamless jointed linear lighting solution – C70 LED linear light

A continual line lighting solution to nowadays commercial & industrial true line lighting for long distance. When you go to a shopping mall, supermarket, super store, a big warehouse or a big office even a long corridor, you find many lighting solutions for these places, include the surface mount ceiling lamp, T5/T8 tubes and old […]

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Latest commercial track lighting solution – LED linear track light

  A supplement solution to nowadays commercial track lighting applications. What will be most popular lighting solution applied in a shop especially a branded fashion clothes store? What you may guess is – downlight and track lights. In order to provide better shopping experiences, the shop owner and lighting engineer absolutely think about spot lighting […]

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Telensa begins deployment of Smart City Wireless Control System for 55,000 LED streetlights across Gloucestershire, UK

Work Underway to Improve Street Lighting Across the County, Incorporating Telensa’s PLANet System for Wireless Control, which will Save £17m in Energy Costs Cambridge, 17th December 2015 – Telensa, which provides end-to-end smart city solutions using its low power Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) wireless technology, has announced that work has begun on a major new […]

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90% new sample LED industry lamp special sales

90% new sample lamp special sales Shenzhen Banqcn Technology Group Function introduction LED professional manufacturer, serving thousands of households. good news! good news! good news! The group exhibition hall was remodeled and more than a dozen sample lamps were sold. If you have any needs, please come to the network department on the second floor […]