LED linear trunking system in CL Lighting is a very energy-saving, environmentally friendly lighting system

LED linear trunking system in CL Lighting is a very energy-saving, environmentally friendly lighting system, which is widely applied in various industrial area and commercial l area. Compliant with European standards, it’s the best solution to replace the traditional T5 & T8 tube with high lumen output. Because of its unique design, it could be installed without any tools, bridges and wire arrangement. It could save much installation time and labor cost.


Cost-effective and linkable LED linear trunking light system in CL Lighting, is suitable for industrial, commercial and other applications. It could meet different needs with excellent quality, high luminous efficiency. Also it’s easy to install and maintain, saving labor cost and transportation cost. Smart control system are available with this trunking lighting, supporting diming function(DALI / 1-10V/ Switch dimming), emergency function( internal & external), sensor and track spotlight. When a power outage or trip occurs, it automatically switches to emergency power supply. The 1.5/3 hour NiMH battery is resistant to high temperature and the drive is highly isolated. The battery inside the lamp is rechargeable and the components have 10 years lifespan.


Typical applications: Shopping malls, warehouses, stores, exhibition halls, office, production workshops, 4S shops and other indoor use.




1. Makes a higher popularity

Due to the structural and optical advantages of the product, the supermarket environment is simple and fashionable, and the lighting is reasonable and comfortable, which has won a higher popularity for the supermarket.

1) The integration of lights, lines and rails, seamless cascading between the tracks avoids the complexity and messiness of the system, and it brings a continuous and uniform lights in visual effect.

2) It not only has 4 CCT range, 7 beam angles, low UGR and high CRI, but also has low heat and various lighting effect with high-grade aluminum metal lamp housing and optical lens.

2. Low power consumption

160lm/w high luminous efficiency could save such electricity fee. The electricity bill will be very different because of different power in same brightness.

3. Easy installation

The cable is preset in the track, the lamp body and the track are connected by the connector and the adapter. The whole system can be completed finished simply, without installing additional materials. The labor cost will be reduced greatly.​

4. Maintenance free

5 years warranty offers low maintenance rate. It could not only save the secondary purchase fee and installation costs, but also avoiding discomfort and inconvenience caused by luminaire damage and maintenance, bring a better shopping experience for customers.

5. Multifunction

Multifunctional dimming: 1-10V dimming, Dali dimming

Various power supply emergency: External power supplying( power generator or UPS), Internal battery supplying( emergency battery and power supply), External+Internal power supplying.

2 sensing methods:

IR sensing & daylight sensing

Various patch rails and function modules

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